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Write a Review of a Product You Use Every Day in Your Business

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Stuck on what to write about today for your blog? This is a go-to post type that always adds value for your readers: reviews of products you already know and love.

Is there a piece of software or a tool that makes your business much easier and that you’re always recommending to others? Get that advice written down and in your blog! Here’s why:

1. It will be a fast piece to write because you’ve already done the “research” – you’re an active user of this product and know what it can do and its value pretty well.

2. If it’s a product you really love, your enthusiasm will show up in your writing and make for a lively piece.

3. If you find it valuable, there’s a good chance your customers will too. Passing along this recommendation is an easy way to be of service.

4. No chance your customers will use this product? Writing a review can still serve to demonstrate your expertise. You’ll be showing off that you’re familiar with the tools in your industry. Even if your clients can’t follow the details, your knowledge and excitement will make an impression.

5. If you link to the company that makes the product in the post, or give them a shout-out via social media, you’ll be building goodwill with others and effectively business networking.

Today’s Action Step: Write about 500 words or so reviewing a favorite product that you use in your business.

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