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Make a List of Your Success Stories

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This is a good exercise to do when you’re working on defining your brand, or if you feel you need to get back in touch with it.

The most powerful way to convey to ourselves and others what we’re capable of is by looking at what we’ve done in the past. No one can argue with real results.

Today’s Action Step: List the three success stories that make you most proud.

Do this quickly, going with what brings up the most excitement, before getting into the details. Then, when you’re done, ask yourself what additional thoughts about your successes came up. What trends in your work came to mind, or what commentary about those stories do you have?

You now probably have a little more insight on your work. Take a look at your marketing materials. Is what you learned reflected in them? The message that the success stories convey about your work should be evident in how you talk about yourself, even if you don’t go into the success stories directly. However, you might want to consider turning one or more of these stories into a case study to help you communicate your value to new clients.

Are you starting a new business and don’t have three success stories yet? Ask what success stories you think you could realistically get this month if you made it a priority (even if they’re modest). You might also ask yourself what your ideal success stories look like, and think about how you could make them happen. Who do you need to talk to? How could you convince them to work with you?

Regardless of where you are in your business, thinking about the results you achieve and the change you bring to the world can help you communicate your role to others.

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