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Check Your AdWords Conversion Code

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Many small businesses have the conversion code for their Google AdWords account placed incorrectly. Is yours one of them? You wouldn’t even be that unusual if you didn’t have conversion tracking in place at all – though you should fix that right away!

Correctly-placed conversion code is essential to a healthy account. Without it, there’s no way to be sure whether your ads are working or not, and you don’t know which parts of your account are bringing in sales which are waste.

Today’s Action Step: Take a look at your conversion-tracking set up and fix anything that needs changing.

Here are the steps I’d recommend following:

1. Log into AdWords and choose Tools > Conversions from the top menu. Then click Webpages from the menu on the left. You’ll see a list of pages where the code has fired. Most advertisers should only see in this list pages that customers view right after they submit a sale or a lead form. You should not see your contact page, your shopping cart pages, you homepage, or any other page that customers can see without converting. If you do, remove the conversion code from that page. It’s inflating your results and is likely hiding conversion problems.

2. A Chrome browser plugin called Google Tag Assistant can help you identify problems with tag placement on your site. Just navigate to your site with the plugin installed, and look for any errors. This video shows you how to use Tag Assistant in more detail.

3. If Tag Assistant is green or blue, then conversion tracking should be working fine. However, if you think you still have problems, check this list of items to troubleshoot.

Once you have these steps completed, you’ll be in a much better position to understand the results you’re getting from AdWords.

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