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Brainstorm Highly “Linkable” Content and Resources

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If you’ve run a website for any period of time, sooner or later you’ll get an email from someone asking you to link to their own site. Sometimes it’s relevant, but often it’s not, and would never be something you’d share.

If you’ve run a website, you’ve also probably worried about your own inbound links and how to get them. Sending those link outreach emails is a crucial part of SEO, but out of fear of seeming like one of those people whose spammy pitches litter your own inbox, you may be avoiding this vital task.

What if instead of your message annoying your recipient, it was welcomed as helpful? So helpful that they’re excited to know about it and share it with their readers? Asking these questions can help you produce resources that are highly “linkable.”

Today’s Action Step: Ask yourself, “What’s a resource that’s desperately needed in my niche? What content would my target sites find irresistible to link to?”

When you ask this question, it becomes clear that the most powerful content does not simply say what’s already been said in different words. It adds to the conversation.

Also note that I’m talking not just about content here (blog posts, videos, etc) but also more broadly resources. These could be anything from an app or calculator to a one-week challenge or special workshop. Basically, anything that helps the target audience.

As an example, let’s imagine you’re a weight-loss coach for busy moms, and you want to get more links from blogs for working parents. What might be an irresistible resource in this case?

  • A one-week meal plan with recipes and shopping lists for dinners that are healthy, quick to prepare, and kid-friendly. All the reader has to do is buy the items listed when she goes to the grocery store, and she’ll have everything she needs.
  • A handy guide to the best things to order at popular national food chains when you’re on a diet.
  • An online support group specifically designed around the schedule constraints of this niche.

You can see how this material stands out compared to yet another generic post on calorie counting or taking a walk around the block at lunchtime.

Take a few minutes to do this, and when it comes time to reach out people will be more receptive. You’ll be proud to ask for a link because you know that you’re offering something that people really want. And often you won’t have to ask for links at all – they’ll naturally feel compelled to link to it on their own.

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