Feeling overwhelmed by all you need to do with running and growing your business? I’m Meg Hartmann and I’ve started this blog to help you take online marketing and biz development one step at a time. My motto is that small, consistent actions add up. I take your big, unweildy plans and to-do lists and break them into manageable chunks, emphasizing taking action now. Each post contains an action step that can be completed in under 30 minutes. Give me just a little time, and I promise you that if you stick with me, you’ll have a more effective, more efficient business.

Who am I? I’m an online marketing consultant and Google Partner who works with small businesses and solopreneurs to help them get the word out in a smart, sustainable, and authentic way. I believe relationships are central to success, both online and off, and that we need to treat our customers and clients with great respect. If you’re tired of hype and empty promises, I may just be your antidote. You can learn more about my work with clients at www.smartwordmarketing.com.

Have any questions? Just shoot an email to contact@bitebybitebusiness.com. I welcome your feedback on this project!